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Exercise tools, social networking and smart supplement shopping, available to aid in your fitness transformation. Available on iOS and Android.

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Motivating others starts with UX.

As the Lead UX Designer for the mobile products, I was responsible for uncovering the user journey to fitness transformation, and how it pertains to daily life. Influencing behavior begins with understanding the emotional triggers that run our lives, the power in our routines, and how we can implement fail-safe measures to re-ignite our motivation.

Put into practice, our team developed ideas to positively influence behavior and routine, and ultimately get the user where they want to go. Other UX practices included competitive analysis, qualitative user testing, persona development and prototyping.

Prototyping transformation.

Bodyspace Landing Rework

Flurry analytics indicated a majority of users only using the workout tracker in the app. In addition, the existing layout for the landing view was not optimized – about 70% of the view was dedicated purely to navigational items. My strategy was to show more content, compartmentalize navigation, and bring user updates and posting ability to the forefront.

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Bodyspace Re-structure

Great content is the driver of the company’s success. Workout trackers, articles & videos, and an active fitness community keep the audience active and engaged. With this comes the great need for information architecture. This prototype was built to show how the company might organize it’s information, from the view of a mobile device.

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Store App Navigation

Sales numbers for online retailers in 2014 indicated a major shift in the industry. First, consumers are shopping more than ever on mobile devices. Second, most retailers do not have an experience optimized for mobile. felt this shift, and decided to develop a shopping-based app. I led UX efforts in discovery, initial user testing and design.

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