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Spotify + Treats

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At Treats, our design team worked with Spotify’s marketing team on a bid to increase activation and retention for non-paying users.

We proposed using a custom implementation of our product, Convert, to drive a user incentive program. Convert uses variable rewards and game mechanics to incentivize users to complete an action–a white-label framework available on iOS and Android.

Project Goals

Turn 1% of the 50,000 Spotify Freemium listeners into Premium customers.

Keep Freemium users from migrating to other services like Pandora, Youtube, or iTunes.

Spotify’s existing efforts to activate their Freemium base included a series of tactics to get the user to experience the Premium product for a limited time.

The two primary methods were a free trail for a month, and a reduced cost price for three months. Other tactics included a bi-weekly upgrade email and in-app notification, reminding the user of the benefits of the service.

For every music listener out there, each song, album or playlist is an emotional experience tied to our own realities. It’s how we pass the time, or find inspiration. It’s how we immerse ourselves in memories, or find our place in society. It’s a reflection of our current state of being.

Often times, only one specific song, album, artist or style is what we require at any given period of time.


Re-engage a user’s emotional connection with their music on a regular basis through variable rewards.

By offering the user a simple game at a known time with the incentive of winning a random amount of Free Premium, we could keep user engaged with the platform longer, with a greater success of activation over time.


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Ongoing Dialog

1. Build Momentum.

An in-app notification that tells the user when the user can play for Free Premium. Additionally, the user will see the countdown if they try to access a Premium feature.

2. Notify & Play.

The user is alerted of the game, either through push notification or in-app. The user plays the quick game and enjoys their rewards.

3. Remind & Invest

Once the Free Premium is completed, the user has a chance to continue listening by upgrading to Premium, or set a reminder for the next time they can play.


Always deliver value.

Even in today’s world, marketing campaigns are commonly single-sided conversations, resulting in an industry where abysmal conversion rates have become the norm. Take it upon yourself and your company to offer the user something for their time and attention.

Tactics stemming from education, product credit or social recognition are ways you can supplement your message, and kick-start a positive feedback loop with your user.